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Computer Science in JavaScript: Merge Sort

This blog post from Nicholas Zakas is the best explanation I’ve seen online for doing a merge sort in JavaScript. Most of the other posts I looked at give you code, but don’t talk you through it. I knew there was a reason I buy his books!

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WDI Week Three

It really does feel like these weeks are just blowing by so quickly. Over the weekend I stumbled across some shortcuts in TextMate that I didn’t realize existed and made me love the software even more. The first couple days of the week were very mini-project based, which was nice. I said to my husband Tuesday night, “I’ve made 3 basic web apps this week…and it’s only Tuesday.” It’s really nice to have things like that to show the progress we’re making. First business of the week was that they mixed up the Camels and the Snakes, because when they polled us they found that we wanted more interaction with the other students. So I had to switch into the Camel classroom, which I like a lot better because there’s no glare on my glossy computer screen causing me extreme difficulty all day.

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Drag from Desktop Tricks

Lately I’ve been reading a whole lot about drag and drop while I’ve tried to implement a ‘drag from desktop to upload’ feature. While some of these features have been around for a very long time, others are new and therefore finicky.

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Dynamic Imports of JSON


If you want to do a dynamic import of JSON with Webpack be sure to account for a JSON file not having a default export when you’re trying to extract the value and call default on the returned module to return the whole JSON object.

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