Jekyll Conversion Complete

I finally finished liberating my blog from Wordpress’ clutches a few days ago and getting it set up with Jekyll instead. It feels really great to have so much more control over it and to have it also be more lightweight.

After getting it set up with my current website design, I started preparing it for uploading and realized it didn’t make sense to keep the files separate from the main part of my website and decided to translate my webpages into the Jekyll format as well. This actually has also been such a relief organizationally because I’ve gotten spoiled by templates in all my web app work and can now set up templates easier for my own simple and static site. I still have a lot of work to do in fine-tuning it and adding features to the blog but it’s a nice start and I’m really excited to work on it more.

I’m also excited that I can more easily use whatever syntax highlighting stylesheets I want, so now I can force the Tomorrow Night theme on everyone else. I’d say that my only real complaint so far is that it publishes drafts even though it’s not supposed to, but that may actually have to do with the paginator feature and I could probably circumvent it by adding in a conditional that checks the YAML variable for published.